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Practical for the packing table - the Water-activated Tape Dispenser for COMFORT.PACK stations

Metzingen, March 2024 - Storopack, the protective packaging specialist, is launching another practical accessory for packing stations that saves a lot of time in the packaging process. The new water-activated tape (WAT) dispenser for COMFORT.PACK stations is integrated into the surface of the packing table. Shipping cartons can then be quickly and easily guided over the dispenser and sealed in an ergonomic manner. Storopack plans each COMFORT.PACK station based on the customer's individual requirements - the WAT-dispenser is a useful addition for more efficient and ergonomic processes. 

Slide over, fold down - done 

Water-activated tape is characterized by secure adhesion, tear resistance, dust resistance and recyclability. With the WAT-dispenser integrated into the table, Storopack offers an optimum solution for this sealing agent. Compared to conventional water-activated tape dispensers, which are placed on the surface of the packing table, Storopack's solution saves space and speeds up the packing process at the same time. It also enables more ergonomic processes compared to table-top models or hand-held devices: To seal the bottom flaps of the carton using water-activated tape, it does not need to be lifted, but simply pushed over the surface of the dispenser. The device then cuts off the adhesive tape and the tail can be secured by the operator. Compared to conventional devices placed on the table, this means that employees come into much less contact with the adhesive of the tape.

Flexible and longer use

Flexibility in the packaging process is also guaranteed, as the water-activated tape dispenser for COMFORT.PACK stations is suitable for all carton sizes. Alternatively, the machine also produces adhesive tape strips in the desired length at the touch of a button - these can be easily removed and used to seal the top of the carton, for example. Storopack also focused on easy handling of the device during development: The dispenser works with larger, industrial water-activated tape rolls with an outer diameter of up to 400 millimetres and an adhesive tape width of 60 to 80 millimetres. The water tank holds three litres. Both of these features mean that the device can be used for longer than a conventional tabletop device until the roll is changed or refilled. The roll can be changed in one to two minutes. Cleaning the WAT-dispenser is also quick thanks to good accessibility and can be done without tools.