PELASPAN® AND Styrofill®

Safe, simple, and flexible protection.


Storopack’s PELASPAN® and Styrofill® Loose Fill offers safe, simple, and flexible protection for your goods, regardless of how big or heavy they are. That’s because the pourable packing material is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS, also styrofoam), which fills all the void and reliably protects products – even when exposed to heavy strain. Due to their S-shape, the PELASPAN® peanuts interlock to create a coherent cushion that blocks, braces, and stabilizes your goods and prevents them from knocking against each other. Styrofill® packaging chips, on the other hand, feature a saddle shape that’s ideal for small gaps and silo systems.


The benefits of this padding material are: They’re easy to use and versatile, affordable and antistatic, and can be stored for an indeterminate amount of time. They’re also highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, germs, and water. Made from EPS, PELASPAN® and Styrofill® are recyclable, do not pollute groundwater, and are manufactured without CFCs. Storopack’s Loose Fill can also be integrated into existing processes with ease. Upon request, Storopack’s packaging specialists can develop individual solutions for you and help you with the integration process.

A cardboard box containing a children’s toy and S-shaped white packaging chips
A cardboard box containing a glass vase and S-shaped white packaging chips
S-shaped white packaging chips
A cardboard box containing a vase and saddle-shaped yellow packaging chips
Saddle-shaped yellow packaging chips
A woman is sitting at a computer


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