Packaging material always within reach.


Ease of access and streamlined processes are of the essence when filling the shipping carton with paper cushioning, air cushions, or packaging chips. It is imperative that the protective packaging material is always available in sufficient quantities and within easy reach. That is why we offer our Working Comfort module COMFORT.PROTECT. The protective packaging is provided on demand and in a space-saving way; to meet ergonomic requirements, this may be done via a conveyor belt, for instance, or at an available packing station. This avoids unnecessary movements and physical strain, thereby safeguarding the health and safety of personnel in the packing area.

Storopack customizes each COMFORT.PROTECT solution to your requirements, taking into account the size of the workforce, parcel throughput, the available space, and the desired packaging material. If necessary, Storopack will incorporate silo systems and/or conveyor belts that feed the packaging material at the right ergonomic height and distance.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible – can be used with paper cushioning, air cushions, foam cushion packaging, and packaging chips
  • Within reach – the packaging material is available at the packing station itself
  • Reliable – protective packaging is produced on demand
  • Good for health – packaging provided in a highly ergonomic position

Your contact person

Enrique Barandiaran
Sales Manager Australia
5/13 Distribution Drive
NSW 2748 Orchard Hills
T +61 2 9674 3355