Perfect insulation so that no heat is lost.


Neopor® comes into its own when perfect insulation is called for. The expanded foam is a version of Styropor® that contains graphite with insulation properties that are ten percent better. The very low thermal conductivity combined with high compressive resistance makes it the perfect material for technical molded parts. Storopack uses Neopor® to manufacture insulation elements for building sections such as the roof and walls as well as perimeter bases and panels for laying underfloor heating systems.


Up to 70 percent of heat energy can be saved with Neopor® thermal insulation compared to homes with no exterior insulation. Storopack products made of Neopor® are used in heating and air conditioning applications for insulating boilers, pumps, and heating controls and as housing for modern home ventilation systems. The technical molded parts can be expanded to optimally fit around contours so that no heat is lost.