Temperature-controlled transportation of entire Euro Pool pallets.


Safely sending even large batches of temperature-sensitive products is no big thing with TCPplus® solutions from Storopack: Entire Euro Pool pallets can be effortlessly transported with our pallet shippers featuring passive temperature control.

Storopack customers have the choice between our Neopor® thermo-pallet shippers designed for temperatures ranging from 2 to 8°C and 15 to 25°C and our XXL shippers made of XPS for temperatures ranging from 2 to 25°C. All three versions are capable of maintaining steady temperatures for a particularly long period of time: The XXL shipper keeps the packaged goods within the designated temperature range for at least 120 hours and the thermo-pallet shipper is guaranteed to maintain temperatures of between 2 and 8°C for over 110 hours. If required, Storopack can supply additional high insulation panels (HIP) for this pallet shipper, extending the time goods are kept within a temperature range of 15 to 25°C to up to 120 hours.

With their spacious inner volume of up to 550 liters, both versions of the thermo-pallet shipper provide sufficient room for your products on a Euro Pool pallet scale. With an inner volume of 600 liters, even entire Euro Pool pallets can be placed inside the XXL shipper without having to repack them beforehand, making the packaging operation quick and easy. They are also very flexible and particularly easy to handle – the XXL shipper can be assembled by just one person within a matter of minutes and modified to suit the customer's individual needs. With the TCPplus® pallet shippers from Storopack, you are perfectly equipped for shipping temperature-sensitive products all over the world.

Abgebildet ist ein grauer Palettenshipper mit Deckel.
Abgebildet ist ein grauer geschlossener Palettenshipper.
Ein grauer Palettenshipper ist seitlich und oben geöffnet.
Ein grauer Palettenshipper ist seitlich und oben geöffnet.
In einem grauen Palettenshipper, der seitlich und oben geöffnet ist, befindet sich ein leerer Karton.